long day interview tomorrow sleep good

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I should make more patterned outfits.


That’s so flipping cool!! Thank you, objblogs!!

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Got home late today, heading straight to bed.

Should be able to play tomorrow though after work. :)

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I’m deprived of Bad Cop RP

I need it

*peeks over hedge* Somebody say Bad Cop RP…?


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{Also, got an interview early tomorrow, so I kinda need to get to bed early. RP TOMORROW!!}

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this is a cool test that gives you an rpg class and there are 100 possible results check it out

Mother of Fuck, I’m Space-Magneto. 8|

And my bf is Captain America with a sword.

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somebody fucked up


so idk if this was just MY game or if anyone else noticed this:

i finally got to the level where u unlock gcbc and

he was very obviously talking as good cop buT THE MODEL RUNNING AROUND WAS BAD COP?????

what happened here who fucked up


He’s Scribble Cop when you first meet him in game. I was confused myself while I was playing, but I double checked through some Let’s Plays and replaying the level myself, he has his Scribble face during the scenes where he’s helping the Master Builders.

You unlock Bad Cop and Good Cop later in side missions, as far as I know.

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That Moment When

You get a call from a friend about a job and arrive on the scene to apply 15 minutes later, meet up with the supervisors and get scheduled for a temp shift the next morning.

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Spinjitzu VS CQC

I’m trying to imagine Good Cop Bad Cop facing off against the Ninjago ninjas. We know for a fact that the Green Ninja (Lloyd) is a Master Builder, but with their Tornado of Creation, it’s pretty safe to say that the rest of the ninja have some level of Master Builder ability as well.

So you have magically empowered masters of weaponry and martial arts who also have the ability to buidl various constructs out of whatever happens to be around them, versus an Irish cop with a bit of a personality disorder.

All that’s coming to mind at the moment is the ninja finding out that Good Cop Bad Cop is a master of Close Quarters Combat. The hard way.

Seriously, CQC is to martial arts like a large caliber handgun to a sniper rifle. The rifle might be hellaciously powerful and badass, but it’s limited in the sense that it’s really only good in specific situations, while a large caliber handgun is powerful and badass and versitile as all heck, allowing it the upper hand unless it is in the specific situation that favors the rifle.

…That would be one EPIC fight.

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First Day of Work

Getting up at 5:30AM to work at 6:30AM.

I am so glad I went to sleep early. ><

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